Speedtree UE4

I have a project and around the house I need the full tree to render out with no LOD. But I don’t see FBX, OBJ export options with the UE4 version of SpeedTree. I disabled LOD when I saved the tree model. But when I try to import the file to UE4 it still asks for LODs and then crashes UE4. The only way I can get it to import is if I save it with LOD enabled.

With LODs, when not that far from the tree, it starts to fade to the next LOD way to soon. I need to see the full tree from several 100 ft away or it looks like pooh. I just really want a static mesh of the speedtree model I made up next to the house but I can’t figure out how to do it.

EDIT: I tried export just 1 LOD. The trunks stay but for some reason my leaves fade as I move further away.

Right now its set up for Automatic Compute LOD. When you view the model search for ‘Auto Compute’ and you’ll see the check box. Once you uncheck that, erase what is written in the search field to bring all the fields back. Take a look at the LOD0 to LOD1 and so on if you have more. Under LOD1 you will see Screen Size. This number represents how much this model takes up your screen. If its 1% of the screen, it will change to this LOD. It takes time to figure out which works best based on your model requirements.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: Regarding the leaves, this can be multiple problems. It could be the opacity map on the Masked Opacity to lose so much detail as its mipmapped into oblivion. Or its having LOD issues inside the material. My SpeedTree models haven’t experienced this problem on a 1080p screen. It does however look much better on 4K resolutions.

Thanks…I will keep playing with it.