Speedtree trunk width

Hello everyone, am i blind or can someone confirm that there is no ability to scale down width of trunk in Speedtree? After trunk is created (handpaint) its impossible to edit its width?

EDIT: Also i would like to ask, what wind quallity should we be using for UE4? Does wind quallity set inside Speedtree affect performance largely? Anyone has any ms/FPS figures?

EDIT2: Additionally, it seems like that AO from Speedtree isnt being included once models are imported in UE4, am i missing something in required step to enable it?

Radius is in the branch tab.

ST wind versus UE4 simple grass wind you can look at the instruction count of the material (more instr. less performance)

AO to be computed in ST. If I change sth. here, it gets thrown away and I need to recompute. Then it shows in UE4.