SpeedTree tree not reacting to wind...?

Hello everyone,
I’ve run into this little issue where a tree wont react to a wind directional source modified during runtime…
I have me tree placed on the map, i then drag and drop a Wind Directional Source (WDS) actor into the scene. After a second or so my tree is crazy up moving in all directions :stuck_out_tongue:
Then i set the speed of the WDS to 0 so there is no wind at all. From a BP i’m getting access to this actor and setting the speed to random values every 2 minutes.
The value is getting correctly updated in the WDS but then the tree isn’t reacting to it.
The tree keeps frozen completly.
The same happens if i leave the speed at 1 by default and during runtime i change it to 0, the tree keeps moving by a supossed wind force.
Is there any solution to this?

Sorry if this is not the correct section to ask this. I thought about where to post this because i use BP, use Materials, it should be “Animated” but its still about the creation and setup of a static mesh, so please forgive me if i’m posting wrongly.

Thank you everyone for your time.

Wind Directional Source cannot be modified during game at the moment.

This has been reported with UE-3309. I’ve added this link and upped the community interest in having this addressed.

Thank you!


Oh! thank you for letting me know Tim!
Was about to discard the use of speedtree :stuck_out_tongue:

But it’s strange because the values are actually updated during runtime. I mean in blueprint i created a “get Speed” node from the WDS and printed it on screen and it was updating and also tried selecting the WDS in the Scene Outliner during PIE and saw the value update correctly in the details panel. :eek: