Speedtree problems, importing .srt gives trees with black broken textures

Weirdly enough, I didnt have this in the past and I dont think I did anything different now.

When I am importing 4 different trees, which all have the same textures but just different shapes, only the 1st one comes into UE4 correct.
The other 3 will have black corrupted leave materials, with no texture linked into Base Color.
I assume this is because of them sharing the same base texture, and it would cause naming problems to have 4 same name files so the rest of the
srt files won`t import it again. This is perfectly fine, but the automatic material creation fails because of this. The LOD billboards are messed up too.

I am using UE4.82 and latest version of speedtree for UE4 subscription.
As said, the previous trees I had imported were fine. But now I tweaked some of their textures in Speedtree and reimported them, they didnt work correctly. I thought it was an issue of reimporting not importing the textures, so I renamed them in Speedtree and imported them as new meshes. Didnt work.
I tried making 3 new trees from a scratch in Speedtree, all sharing the same base textures. Didn`t work. :confused: Black leaves and corrupt billboards :/.