Speedtree material node issues

Hey, so as I’ve started expanding on my game’s environment, I’ve noticed a couple of issues with my speedtrees.

For one, the wind seems to be based on the world’s 0,0,0 position rather than the tree’s 0,0,0 position.
This means that the further away from the center of the map, the more off the swaying motion is. Not too far away, the entire tree, roots and all sway in one big motion.

The second is that when I place my speedtrees by hand rather than by the foliage tool, I get intense ghosting issues on the texture of the tree. It badly smudges when the camera moves, it might be a conflict with TSAA?

Anyone else encountered this and found a fix?
I’d try to capture it on video, but youtube compression crushes foliage too much to make it visible.