Speedtree Leaves wrong orientation

Hi guys.
I’m trying to setup a SpeedTree model that I’ve created in UE4 subscription but I can say when I rotate my tree the leaves not only rotate to face the camera but they rotate on each face normal axis too so leaves texture rotates and I think this is “speedtree” node fault. But I assume there is a fix for that because no one mentioned this before. Am I right?

That’s how it’s setup in SpeedTree. There are some fixed cards and then some cards that face towards the camera, I call them Fill Cards, the purpose is to make the tree look more dense from every angle. When they rotate and of course the textures on it rotate, to some degree you get wrong lighting on the normal map. If you don’t want it remove them inside SpeedTree before exporting to UE4, or just remove the normal map from it’s material.
All in all, SpeedTree isn’t really that great if quality is a big deal for you unless you develop a very different workflow with it for producing your trees other than the usual “attach nodes to each other and export a tree” workflow.