SpeedTree learning (environment for Archviz)

Hi Guy !
I’m learning speedtree to create great environment for archviz
here is small test hope you like it !

youre models have more than 100.000 tris, one even over 300.000 tris. thats bad for the performance, I usually keep them below 10k at LOD0:

Also the collision is wrong…on the one pic it covers only part of the lower stem, whereas the whole stem should have a collision (unless you use it for something that does not need collision, but then you can delete the collision capsule completely).

The textures on the stems have very recognisable repeating patterns.

He explicitly stated that it’s for Archviz so triangle count and proper collision is hardly relevant. I agree that the bark texture could be improved to get rid of obvious repetition but the rest of your comment is nonsense.

Sitrec: If you like the environment to be usable at runtime, or even interactive in realtime, use it in VR or so…then the performace is very relevant.
Also I stated that the the models should have…
a) a proper collision if you need it in youre application (e.g. a walkable archvis)
b) does not need a collision at all
but a wrong collision is pretty useless.

You should read what i stated in my comment before you call it “nonsense”. If you have another opinion thats fine. We also can agree to disagree, but dont be insulting.

And it’s not insulting to immediately start complaining about nit picky things that isn’t related to the look of the scene he came to show, just in case he intended to use it for something he didn’t even say anything about? Yeah, that’s what everyone want to hear when they come to show off their work.

As for the scene I think it looks great. The birch texture as mentioned by Vollgaser could be a bit less repetitive and perhaps something could be done to make it stand out from the concrete in the background a bit more but otherwise it’s really nice. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

thank for your comment,
i’m still learning speedtree and try to improve my skill
because i’m using for archviz so i try to make the model look better, If keep the tris below 10k at LOD0, it’s look to bad.
thank you for share information…

thank man ! i will keep it up…