SpeedTree importer: Tree Scale?

What exactly is the Tree Scale value listed when I import an SRT file from SpeedTree? For instance, any of the trees from SpeedTree’s free pack, or even the ground clutter pack I bought. It defaults to 30.48, but I have no idea what that means. The documentation says nothing about it, only showing it in the screen shot of the importer, unless I completely missed it.

I guess I’m trying to figure out what it means, and how I can relate it to my world scale (which is 1/10th of a meter = 1uu). I can use trial and error to figure out a decent import scale to make things 1:1 with my world, but I’d rather understand what the value is supposed to mean on import and what it’s relative to.

SpeedTree is unitless, so you can model a tree in whatever units you wish. However, the trees we create and sell are modeled with 1 unit being a foot. This is mostly just due to our history and momentum in using that unit for all our trees over the past decade or so.

But that number in the importer is converting feet to UE4’s units, which is cm. 1 foot = 30.48cm.

Perfect, thank you, this is exactly what I needed. Since I am 1 decimeter per uu, I can just divide that number by 10 and import at 3.048 and get the 1:1 scale I want. If/when I sub to SpeedTree Modeler to customize my own trees, I’ll keep the 1 unit = 1 foot ratio in the modeler.