SpeedTree Import Crashes Editor on OSX

Blank project on OSX, selecting Import, then choosing an .srt file to import crashes after import. Most of the time the thumbs show up in the content folder then crashes either immediately or soon after shader compilation starts.

link textI’m using latest 4.12.2 update.

After a lot of experimenting, the crash occurs if I have import WIND AND SMOOTH LOD checked like the default import setting for speedtree. If I uncheck EITHER one, the tree will import and function, but not both. Obviously I want to use both. Hope this helps to find the issue.

Hello Kunani,

I just attempted to reproduce this crash on my end and did not get the same results. I imported the BroadLeaf_Desktop.srt file and it loaded and compiled shaders as expected.

Could you provide me with your systems specs?

Are you able to reproduce this issue with every .srt file, or is it only certain ones?

Would you mind testing with the assets I mentioned, which you can download for free from the SpeedTree website, to see if the issue still occurs?

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.

Thank you,

yes it crashes 100% of the time with any of the SRT files. It works 100% of the time if I uncheck either WIND or Smooth LOD as mentioned above but if both are checked the editor crashes after import.

i7 Mac with 32 gigs and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB

If there is any other specific log I can send to help lmk.

Thank you for the clarification. I was able to easily reproduce the crash on my end and even got it to crash in 4.11.2 using the same steps. I went ahead and entered a bug report for the issue, UE-32068. For now, I would use the workaround you have in place for the issue until we can get a fix integrated.

Once the bug has been addressed and a fix has been made, it will be added to the list of fixed issues for an upcoming major engine or hotfix release. Let me know if you have further questions, and we appreciate you taking the time to narrow down the cause of the issue and enter a bug report.


Excellent thank you :slight_smile:

Still same problem, UE 4.12.4

and in UE 4.12.5 :confused:

We will be releasing a public bug tracker very soon so you can track this issue until it is fixed. We are aware this is still an issue, and a fix has been made. It just needs to be integrated into an upcoming major engine release.