speedtree crash

Hello i already sent report to epic, but still gonna ask here.

100% crash when i try to make destructible mesh out of speed trees. in 4.8 it crashed on about 200/120 shaders to compile. in this new 4.9.2 almost instantly. Is there any fix for this?

Hi OnlyHorrorOnlyHardcore,

Please report this to the answerhub at https://answers.unrealengine.com so we can assist you more in depth.

The program just seems to crash randomly. For no reason that I can see. You could be rotating the model, or just switch to another window and BAM! Gone.

Hi Spencer22,

Crashes can occur for any number of reasons, it is best to report them on the answerhub when they occur with as many details as you can provide - what steps you took just before the crash occurred, your dxdiag, crash logs, call stack, any specific assets that may be causing the error, screenshots, etc… The answerhub allows us to better track these errors so that we can quickly reference the issue during testing. If you are experiencing crashes, please post to the bug reports section (link in my first post and in my signature) and we’ll be happy to try and assist you.