SpeedTree comes with no sample textures or leaves?

I purchased speedtree, and am so far slightly disappointed with it.

There seems to be absolutely no sample content in my install of it (I am following tutorial videos on using it, and none of the sample content that the videos use are in my install - infact, the samples folder isn’t even there)

I will probably be making my own leaves, textures etc in future, but I wanted to get a decent basic tree exported to see how it hangs together, and looks in game.

If you can’t get a quick “Hello World” tree done with samples from utilizing sample content, and have to create it all yourself, then “SpeedTree” is not a very apt name at all, considering I could just make all these things, and when that is done, I kind of really have no use for the software? :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume something has just went crazy in my install?

Contact their support. Their should be sample content

try here then use the link to their market w/ free stuff for UE4


speedtree is also a quick way to create your ‘own’ trees etc. that’s it’s main use.

Thanks all, I actually tried a reinstall because I figured support would be unreachable given that it was Sunday.

Upon reinstall, everything was in place. Weird!

Do you guys know if you can link the wind property from SpeedTree with Bluescript variables or is the wind independent of the level environment/weather?

That’s a good question. Have you thought of putting it up on AnswerHub? That way, the answer will be there for people who need it in future, and I reckon you’ll get some upvotes for asking it.

Done, Link SpeedTree wind variable to UE4 environment/weather? https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/193052/link-speedtree-wind-variable-to-ue4-environmentwea.html

Brilliant, thanks. Have an upvote!

(Warning: getting points will become addictive :slight_smile: ).