Speedtree collision

Hey guys, does anyone perhaps know if there is option in Speedtree to decimate collision mesh, or perhaps import one of your own? Default cylinder has way too many quads , it could be decimated by almost 80% easily and since collisions are performance heavy that would be neat information to know.

EDIT: Additional to that, why are billboards on my trees black? When they are exported from ST compiler they are normally textured on diffuse but in UE4 import they are completly black.

The capsules and spheres the SpeedTree importer makes are not polygonal. They are perfect volumes. You’re just seeing the drawing of said volumes. That being said, you can import your own collision, same as any other static mesh.

I’m not sure why your billboards are black. Does the texture look correct? Did the texture import correctly?

Ah got it, volumes.
About billboards, yes they are black on texture inside of UE4 (there are 6 of them as choosen in ST compiler all alpha cutted but black in color instead of colored normaly). They are normaly represented in ST compiler.

Additional question, how do you bend the frond in ST? I think i am loosing my mind over it, i have completly went trough every single change possible and that is really the only thing i want to change yet it does not allow me.

I would like frond to be bent on Z axis.


I tried using Z scale under “Mesh” options of Frond but it simply does nothing no matter how i change values. Is there something else i need to look for?

You usually do that using forces. A directional for example pointing in the direction you want it to bend. Play around with them and see what gives the desired effect. Just remember to enable the force when selecting the frond node as well so it can affect them.

Yep that did the trick, i forgot to scale the plant first however and now with magnet forces placed, they dont scale along the plant (there is loads of them). Ill try to export from compiler size change.

Here is the problem of black billboard in UE4. Looks like it gets exported that way from ST compiler, since its black also in Photoshop. Its previewed normaly in ST compiler, but when exported turned black.


Noone with input on black billboards problem? Its really confusing becouse some plants import completly fine with colored billboard and some just dont no matter what i change.

Hard to say what might be causing it. Could you try opening a plant that works and copy it’s material then paste it into the plant that becomes black and use that material temporarily just to see if it’s still happening? I’d imagine it’s something related to the material but it’s hard to say without access to the model. If you don’t mind I could take a look at it if you upload the Speedtree file and it’s dependencies somewhere and send me the link in PM. Just let me know. :slight_smile: