I want to display some kind of speedlines when the character reaches the sprint speed.
To make my Game look more dynamic.
Do i have to do this with UMG Animations?
If yes how?
If not how?

UMG animation? That is for user interface. This sounds more like a job for particles. Or am I misunderstanding what speedlines are?

I think speedlines a some kind of white lines, wich are just indicating the wind based on the movement speed.
And i have no idea of umg or stuff like that.

Are you talking about the [wingtip vortices][1]?

Or to be more relevant:

This should be it then:

No, more like this in the first person camera:

I am sorry, but on mobile you cant insert pictures.

Ah, I see. Post process then!

Also, you were right, they are called Speedlines :smiley:

What does post process domain mean?..

It means that the material can be used with post process effects:


Hi! This link is broken! Anyway, I would to ask a question, how Can I create a speed line for Mobile, in a “cheap way”?

Thanks a lot!

Lemme YT it for ya:


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