Speeding up the music at set intervals

I’d like the main theme of my game to get progressively faster as time goes one in one of the levels. How do I attain this goal. though? I see all kinds of settings in my cue asset’s pane but nothing regarding the playback speed. How do I control it, then?

Multiple approaches:

  1. “Pitch” is currently playback speed. Higher pitch = higher playback speed but also higher melodic pitch, since the audio file is just played back faster. UE4 does not re-sample your content (yet?).
    So you could use Blueprint to raise the pitch of your music over time.

  2. Use Timesynth for your different music elements (drums, basslines, whatever) and cut them up so that when you raise the Timesynth BMP your music plays faster with same melodic pitch. The problem here is that you will have elements overlapping, except if you exchange them every few BPMs, but that requires a lot of pre-production and will eat memory.

For now, without knowing your project better, I think justraising the pitch of the SoundCue or whatever you’re using will get the job done.

Let me know if this helps!

Oh, that pitch solution is just what I needed, thanks so much!

Awesome! Glad I could help! :slight_smile: