Speed Tree Import

All my trees that I export are in spm format but the import in UE4.2 the import is SRT format how do I import it if the imports formats are different.

SpeedTree doesn’t work with 4.2.

You will need to wait for the UE4 version of the SpeedTree modeller on the subscription plan or email SpeedTree for a custom license. And if you already have a custom license, then I think you need to compile your tree to SRT format using the SpeedTree compiler. The UE4 version of the SpeedTree modeller compiles the tree when saving automatically, so there will be no more SpeedTree compiler.

EDIT: And as Jacky just stated, you will need to wait for v4.3 of UE4 too.

I was just watching the Twitch stream of the IDV showing off their stuff so I assumed with my license I could do what they were doing but i guess not I need the compiler which doesn’t come with Studio