Speed Powerup that Increases Player Movement Speed Incrementally

Howdy all,

I am working on a 2d game in which I desire to increase the players movement speed every time they pick up a Speed Powerup.

Any help on this would be most appreciated!!! :smiley:


  1. Make an actor Blueprint for powerup
  2. Add your mesh component to it
  3. In Character’s Blueprint, create a Custom Event, let’s call it increase speed
  4. In the powerup’s Blueprint, add On actor begin overlap, then cast to your character. From the As ,character name" output, conect the Increase Speed function. ( the same name as the event we created)
  5. In character’s Blueprint, add a movement component, if you don’t have one.
  6. Now create a refference for the movement component in the character’s graph. Connect from it get max walk speed, then the execution pin from the custom event to it. From get max walk speed, connect an add node (+) then its output to set max walk speed node. You also connect the execution pin from get max walk speed to set max walk speed and it’s done.

Now, I don’t have acces to my PC so some details might be wrong, but this is the general idea. Hope it helps.

Dumb me. I should have made it clearer that the effect I was after is the following:

Players movement speed increases incrementally with every powerup they pick up. So, every time they pick up a powerup, they get faster, and faster, and faster.

hi nkcowmaster.
the theory explained by mahri should work well.
if you want a bit more explaination fell free to download my replicated powerup system here :

the powerups don t trigger actions here, you ll have to do it yourself , but you ll see how you can do a pickup system.
hope it helps !