Speed Potion Mod - Need .ini config HELP

This is my first time modding and I am struggling to make these .ini configs work. Gotta love .ini configs, when they work. Does anyone have an idea why I cannot make any of these graphs do what I am trying to get them to do?


Please If anyone has suggestions I will take them seriously.

Try setting the custom event to execute on the server instead of using an authority node.

Do you have a visual diagram for me to follow on setting the custom event to execute on the server?

I really wish. My dev kit takes -

2 minutes to open
20 minutes to open the first file
15 minutes to select the primalgamedata for my level or open a new level

Left click on the red box that is the custom event, then at the bottom left you’ll see options. Just set it to execute on the server (it’s a dropdown). You can also add inputs to the event here.