Speed Pickup

Hello. I am using the rolling template and I wanted to create a speed pickup that when you collide with it it gives you a speed boost for a specific amount of time. I searched the internet and I couldn’t find anything. Please help!

Which part: the pickup or the speed boost?

See whether this would work for you:

  • an actor with a sphere collider acting as a speed boost

  • below, our ball pawn also has a similar collider
  • when the ball detects the boost, we check our current velocity
  • use it as direction and multiply it by the desired value to add a physical impulse

Image from Gyazo

Seems to work pretty well for what it is, but there must be a dozen or so ways to implement similar behaviour.

For the ball. When you enter it’s collision (the speed pickup), it gives the ball (you) a push, like if someone would have pushed you from the back. Something like that.

You could also store both the magnitude of the boost and its direction in the pickup actor itself - this would allow for creating customised pickups.

And, ofc, they do not need to be destroyed, you could temporarily disable them instead using a Delay node or a Timer.

Thank you man! You saved my life and game!