Speed of movement in Arch Vis projects

Hi Everyone,
I’m new here and recently I’ve started to learn UE4 to use for Architecture visualizations, and I appreciate your time and patience to help me through this issue.

One of the problems I’ve faced in my workflow is that I can’t find a solution to slow down the speed of movement. I’m using UE4 4.22 and also a blank project in Unreal Studio. I’ve seen some solutions to modify the speed of the character in blueprints, but as in this template there is no physical character, and only there is a simple “Player Start” and no physical character around there, I’m not sure how you guys manage to slow down the speed of movement in your projects?

I appreciate your time, and please explain in a way I can find out the solution, as I’m the new neighbor with no experience in UE4 :slight_smile: