Speed of Light Barrier Broken ?

So maybe we can survive ? :smiley:

Not all is what is seems! Bad science coupled with too much hope and publicity!

Heh yes, remember the neutrino measurements of CERN? ^^

That was epic. It appears that nowadays to many academic/scientists are taking quite literally the saying: “Publish or perish”. The more “radical” the results are, the more funding they can get.

Whoever wrote the article has 0 background in physics, as one might be able to guess. It is impossible to go “faster than the speed of light”. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot travel from point A to point B faster than light can get there using wormhole / “warp bubble” / space-time tunneling, or whatever you want to call it.

One thing that both science and humanity will need to deal with, and soon, is the notion of major relativity effects and time dilation though. We’re on the threshold of understanding the mechanics of quantum theory and harnessing it, which will lead to what I have been describing as “quantum communication” - using quantum entanglement as a means of passing data to and from different points. Since this happens instantaneously, and has 0 regard for distance, one could theorize that if we use our current propulsion system (EMDrive or the IonDrive) to travel to other astrobodies, there is a potential to cause “grandfather paradoxes”. The paradox is what the article is subtley hinting at, by suggesting that we could use wormholes to prevent “things” from happening that have already happened from one person’s perspective of time.

edit: Even after reading the thread that the article mentioned, they make no notion that they have done any “faster than light” observations. What they observed was space-time tunneling.