speed motions

Hi guys, could you say me how i can reduce the speed walk? I am using the default character and when i start to play the motions are too fast and the image is not fluid.
Thank you in advance.

When you go into Blueprint edit mode of the Third or First person blueprint (depending which default character you use) and then click inside the component panel the character movement component, you can see all the character movement specific values, and can change the speed of walking, or running animations.

Hi everybody, in an archviz, is it possible to block the height of a viewer?
By default, you can go too close from the ground and ceiling. I tested the virtual tour with people and it’s very difficult especially when you’re not a gamer.

Thank you for your reply.

Just need to create 2 blocking volume parallel to the ground to define allowed space, put the PlayerStart between and be sure it is not touching those 2 (reduce size)