Speed boost help

Hi, I’m making a skate park game, but for wheelchairs. I need help on getting a speed boost to work. I made a blue print of a mesh that says Boost. I’m trying to change the vehicle max speed, but I can’t figure not how to call the vehicle’s speed into the boost’s blue print

Thank you

Look in the content examples, in the input Examples folder .there is a UFO BP that has the Speed boost system set up and working.
hope this helps

On the input section of the project settings create an input for button boost. Then in the skateboarder blueprint create a button press event for that boost button in the event graph. Create a float variable. If the float is >0 then apply the boost. Acceleration and or top speed is increased with an addition or set. Float variable is set to zero. Delay for 1 tick the amount of time the boost occurs. Reset speed/acceleration to original value. Delay the amount of time between being able to boost.

Is the simplest way. I have boosts on space ships. It’s good to also add a camera shake and or other effects right after the button press event.