Speed and IsInAir not being read/updated?


I’m a beginner and am setting up my first NPC movements. In the tutorials they just let you duplicate the 3rd person character blueprint, remove the camera and delete/clear out the Event Graph. I have tested and this works for the TPP skeleton.

I now have a custom mesh and have imported the animations, set up the blend space and locomotion and made its blueprint from scratch. The problem is when I go test it to follow the player, it just slides around using the Idle motion even though I had made its Idle->Run blendspace. I also don’t think it recognizes IsInAir either since it should have an airborne pose when I test it in midair.

What could I be missing and forgetting to do so that the character will do the idle-walk-run motion? I mean I could go back from scratch and watch all 22 videos and test it as a controllable 3rd person player character, but it’s tedious setting up all those control inputs (which I’d have to end up deleting anyway since this is only meant to be as an NPC mesh).


Toss a Breakpoint on the Set Speed node(Right Click-Add Breakpoint) in your animation BP event graph. Press play. If it doesn’t immediately stop and go to that breakpoint there is a problem in your chain. Most likely it is failing to recognise the character movement component to get the Is Falling and Get Velocity

Ah, thank you. I discovered I had one of those _copy Events (generated whenever I’m copying pasting a lot of blueprints), a common mistake.