Speech/Voice Recognition in Blueprint?

I was wondering if it is yet possible to create some sort of voice recognition event in UE4 in blueprints. I’ve noticed that in UDK, there was something of the sort here, UE3:OnlineVoiceInterface (UDK) - Unreal Wiki . I’ve also noticed that in a project made in UE4 has included the default windows voice recognition software in game, here, OK | Oculus . How would I be able to add such and implementation to my project to make it where I can say through my microphone “fus ro dah” and it creates the force like in skyrim?

UE4 does not have speech recognition currently, you would need to implement that yourself via C++.

SAPI Plugin

Recently I wrote a blueprint based plugin that uses the pocketsphinx library.

Let me know if you have any issues

It would be good if there is a function like … using voice file as in put and generate text

It would be nice if u make the functions that can read the voice data then transfer it into the text.

We tested sphinx plugin here in English, its’ not Accurate as we think. sad .