Speech Bubbles system

Hello everyone! Glad to announce about releasing Speech Bubbles system!

The World of Silence is gone forever. Now any Actor in your game can learn how to speak. All you need is just Speech Bubbles system! It is very easy to use - you need only add a single component which is provided by this system to any Actor in your game (2D or 3D - it doesn’t matter) and that’s it! Now you can call “Say” event in any time and speech bubble will appears in the air nearly to the Actor. Of course, it is completely customizable! Moreover, it is completely scalable - size and position of bubble will change depending on distance to speaking actor. There are more than 90 speech bubbles (they are included) you can choose from or you can add your own bubbles. [HR][/HR]
You can find images and screenshots on marketplace!


Hello there! I’ve just written a step-by-step tutorial about how to integrate Speech Bubbles system into your existing project.
You can find it here
As an example, i’ve integrate Speech Bubbles system into Vehicle UE template.
Here is a couple of result screenshots:


New quick demo video is available on YouTube - link!

Answer for Divenia question asked in comments:

  1. Open W_SpeechBubbles widget:

2) Add new function with same inputs and outputs (it is convenient to make it pure and const):

3) Add following nodes to this function:

4) Open TuneActiveBubbles function:

5) Add new function call as shown here:

Hope it will help you! Let me know if it’s not.

Ok, let me check that

Well, you can also do something like this (again in TuneActiveBubbles function):

Change second value in the “<” node to change render distance. It will work even if the character is far, but the main question is “Where do you want to locate Speeech Bubble?”. Character can’t be project on the screen in this situation (ProjectWorldToScreen default function will return (0, 0)), so Speech Bubble location is up to you here. One good solution is just delete “Set Position in Viewport” node.

New update is coming! It will be available as soon as Epic Games approves it.
Update features:
Possibility to attach character Speech Bubble to specified location via new blueprint - SpeechBubbleLocation.


Just add this actor as Child Actor to your Actor blueprint and set its location to desired Speech Bubble location:

To use this feature you also should check “Use Specified Location?” box in SpeechBubbleComponent “Default” section:

And you also should call SpeechBubbleComponent function called “Set Speech Bubble Location” to set newly created Child Actor as new Speech Bubble location:

That’s it!

When “Use Specidied Location?” is checked SpeechBubbleComponent will ignore “Position Offset” and “Position Scale Settings”