Speech bubble and dynamic 3D text

Hello !

I have 3D speech bubbles spawning near my NPC’s head whenever they speak. I want to add dynamic text in this bubble. How can I do this? I cannot seem to find the corresponding feature in UE.
Also, I have to add that this bubble can be thrown around (this is therefore a blueprint). I would to use a single blueprint to achieve this.
(Other question : I would need to scale my bubble according to the next in it. Any idea how to do that as well?)

Thank you!

Hi man,
here a video about making a widget that can be shown in the 3D world Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - 3D Widget - YouTube
And for having a dynamic text, jump to 5 minutes, he will talkk about binding text to a var, or use a function UE4 / Unreal Engine 4 Make a Game - #06 Score - YouTube
And for scale text , Scaleboxes ! HTF do I? Use the Scale Box in UMG - YouTube

Wow cheers! That’s perfect!