specularity maps from image data

One of the aspects on my current subjects is surface texture… some faces are shiny, some aren’t and the differences are critical at times.
I’m wondering if you could make a specularity map out of the variability for a texel between the photos that contribute to it.
RC is already sweeping the images and computing the average/medians, so tracking variability should be a simple addition.
But then what? Another set of texture maps? Build it into the material file?
Sketchfab lets you adjust it on a per texture file basis…

Just an idea I’m probably not qualified to be suggesting - but hey if you are collecting the information, surely there must be a way to use it.


This would be massively helpful to the games industry.
I could also partially use it in my film work.

And if you are going down that road, what is stopping you from projecting everything beyond a certian distance onto a skydome? Most distances are known, and you will generally capture far more than your immediate target area.
Allowing you to delight…


Would be really useful !!!

This feature would really be a great addition, as it would help us to go beyond the “everything in unlit” stage !
Maybe this is possible with the SDK ?