SPECULA - A Glimmer Of Hope (WIP Thread)

Thanks!! I will try learn photoshop. :smiley:

This is coming along very nicely, keep it up. =)

Like the design, will keep an eye on this one.

Its like a gladiator arena. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the lack of updates - i’ve been über busy - but will hopefully have something new to show by the end of tomorrow.

I did some work on textures today - painting a tillable texture for the tower walls… Normal Maps via CrazyBump. Painting textures is fun, but time consuming to get it just right. I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. I’ll post in-game screens soon.

Nice job!!!

I needed to take a break from writing the much more detailed GDD, so I took to starting modelling layout of the interior of the “Home in the Hollow”, our protagonists home.

very nice, looks great!

so all of you guys work through the forums or have some sort of skype group lol :smiley:

AzamKhan - No, not working via the forums at all. I just use this thread as a work in progress to share my progress and experiences with UE4 with the community.

aw thats very nice, keep doing that :slight_smile:

Did some more texture painting today. Will post in engine view soon…

This is tree bark

Added some normal mapping…

UV still needs some optimisation to get the alignment right, but here is a quick test on a sample model.

I also think I’ll need to do some material layering to get the texture on the roots portion different from the bark part of the trunk.

This is the concept art of where this is headed…

Seems like you are great at drawing but you can’t model that much :slight_smile:
I think I can help you with that, please contact me I’ll send details over pm.

Some work today on concept art for the characters. I’m running a poll over HERE asking if you think ethnicity of the main character makes a difference to the general publics reception of a video game. Would love your feedback there.