Spectrum Galaxy - Relased

Hi Everyone, I wanted to create a thread to announce the release of a large modular kit titled Spectrum Galaxy. This environment contains more than the models themselves but also contains other elements that can be valuable for the production pipeline. These are quality lens flares, IES profiles, a planet shaders, and customizable screen shaders to name the most prominent ones.


Marketplace Listing

Main Cinematic

Additional Video with voice acting achieved with Replica.

All models contain proper light map unwraps, LODS, and proper collision according to their size.

Off course, feedback is welcome. I’d be happy to answer any questions on the project as well. This thread can also serve as a place that I can periodically update to share my plans for this release. As in future updates I may introduce new features or expand the existing features. Examples of future expansions could be adding new lens flare presets, planet shader presets, etc.


Thanks Everyone,

I’m very happy to continue being part of this great community.

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Julio J

Hi Everyone, I wanted to post an update for this project here and I wanted to ask a question to gain some insight.

My question: Currently this project is available for 4.26, do you think that this engine version has not been widely adopted yet? I’m trying to understand the benefit of me having this project as 4.25 as well. Thanks for the input, I appreciate getting some thoughts from other creators and the community.

V.4.26 Update 1 notes:

  • Added day and night lighting scenarios. To alternate between the day and night cycle in game, look for the sofa in the break room and press “E” to rest.
  • Decorated the tree (only available temporarily on the 4.26 version) - During the day time, get close to the tree and press “E” to decorate.
  • Material instances added, an extra moon and a dying star material instance. These two are showcased in the night time vista.
  • Two new lens flare particles added to create the dying star and glow surrounding some light fixtures.
  • Ability to turn voice acting on and off during cinematic.
  • Display on main command center console changes between day and night.

**Upcoming updates: **

  • Walk-through video to showcase the space in more detail.

Images from the latest update for version 4.26 Update 1.

Marry Christmas and happy new years!