SPECTRA - 3rd person action Sci-Fi rpg.

Alot of the work is being streamed so if you’re curious to see how things are made, Check it out. Either twitter ( ) or follow on twitch
I will fit pretty much everything about the project here and on my blog ( )

Upcoming / To do as soon as possible

  • Blockout ruined base and come up with a nice little puzzle to activate / fix the antenna and figure out how to actually do it too! :wink:

Latest Video:
Credits / Assets from:
Mountains in the background supplied by my good buddy Magnus Olin.
Some of the sounds come from, Like the ambient, the hello and the equip sound.
Alot of the gameplay and UI stuff I’ve used tutorials for In order to get a grasp on how it works (Epic’s tutorials have been a real life saver!).

Here’s some other random old stuff.

Paintover test as I’m also trying to learn how to draw more and better.

Very old test of modules etc.

Usable MRE ration, Consumable for health/energy/buff.

I’ve started streaming when I work. Either twitter ( ) or follow on twitch to be aware of when it’s time. We do fun stuff, had alot of chat interaction today and casual talk which was very fun.

Here’s a highlight of a randome xperiment we stumbled onto. WOBBLY SPACE GUY!

Looks great , keep it up!

Great work man! Wonderful.

Just a quick question, where did you get assets for the level?

And another question, how long have you been working on UE4 and on this project?

Hyperion: Cheers. :slight_smile:
TheLoneStar: Thanks man. Majority of all assets are unifnished and placeholders but that’s just because that’s the block out stage I’m at right now where quality isn’t important. I’ve built those myself though (walls, floors etc).
These are the assets used right now that I can think of (Spent all night awake with the kids so I might forget something).

Placeholder vista mountain range in the distance by a friend. Will be replaced at some point since i want another look.
Rocks that I placed everywhere, Basic shapes, Character, Effects -> EPIC’s starter content that’s supplied with the editor. I will be replacing all of these too with purposely built assets at some point but I’m using them for now for blockout purposes so I dont get bogged down with basic whitebox asset creation.

As for how long I’ve been working with UE4, I used UDK back in the day quite a bit and then went on to work professionally with UE3 for a year or so. After that I’ve dabbled in UE4 every now and again. This project i’ve been working on back and forth for a few months but it’s just now these last few weeks that I’ve really started to get some progress on it and hit it off due to paternity leave and sleeping kids :slight_smile:

Another great stream session today. I got asked to put up stuff on youtube and while I figure out if I should put up the big whole “show” I’ve decided to put up some highlights. There’s a bit more in there that I can pull out too.

If you like it, please join next time and hang with us, Alot of knowledge going around. I’m also hanging out on the unreal slack channel.

Lore dump and project planning and structuring coming up but here’s some visual blocking out goodies (Please note the art will be nice in the end and that this is just a ROUGH block out).
Here’s the blockout of the key areas of interest and a bit of the initial flow.

Upcoming / To do as soon as possible

  • Blockout ruined base and come up with a nice little puzzle to activate / fix the antenna and figure out how to actually do it too! :wink:
  • Write down lore, dialogue and brief and collect it (it’s in small notes here and there now).

Are we allowed to use these half circle wall designs in our games? and these strange shader effects. I’m interested in a good design for the walls and curved hallways.

Woops. Long time no reply. Sure go ahead matey!

Here’s a paintover I did for an area.

This is amazing! The visuals, the style remind me of Deus Ex. Is there a testable demo anywhere? Also, are you doing it in c++ or in blueprints?

Hey man, Thanks. Nah no playable demo yet. I’m stuck developing the style now kinda. I got a bunch of various videos of things I’ve tested that I should throw up here. I’ll do it when i can since I’m at work now. As compensation take the next paintover I’ve just wrapped up. :smiley:

Oh and it’s blueprints. I don’t know C++ and my blueprints knowledge is limited.