SpectatorPawn Up/Down Movement

My Spectator Pawn’s Default Movement has been disabled (see image below).


I am using custom Forward/Backward and Left/Right Movement, which works.
I am trying to add Up/Down Movement but I don’t know which nodes to use.

How do I get the E/LeftCtrl Up/Down movement that comes in default for a SpectatorPawn? Without enabling Spectator Pawn’s Default Movement?

You have to implement it yourself. It’s really the same thing as your Forward/Back Right/Left movement. Just add movement using the “GetActorUpVector” node.

I must clarify, I am not using Project Inputs. I am using a plain old input button which fires, when pressed, just once. And fires again once when not pressed.

So there is no “Float” value to pass onto the AddMovementInput.

No matter what value I pass to the “Float” value on AddMovementInput, I have to press my button say 1 million times to go up any actual distance.

Ah that’s your problem. You’re doing the movement wrong. The AddMovementInput node only adds movement the frame it is called in. What’s happening is your input is firing off once, causing your character to move only for one frame. You need to use InputAxis inputs so that they send continuous signals to the AddMovementInput mode every frame.

I understand that but I can’t use InputAxis inputs here. My inputs are action only. Is there a node to go Up/Down like SpectatorPawn E/LeftCtrl Default controls? Can I enable just some of the DefaultSpectatorPawn Controls? Or can I do some other method of continuous up direction travel? Maybe something affected by gravity in order to stop?

I don’t use Inputs because there is a custom control system implemented.
Can I somehow create a “flying mode” jump?
Go up a certain distance and have drag/gravity slow it to a stop?

If you don’t mind me asking, why can’t you use InputAxis? That’s the standard way to handle continuous movement. I’m afraid we’re gonna need more information.