Spectator Style Movement to Pawn or Character

I try to make my Pawn/Character to move exactly as a Spectator Pawn by using Blueprints.

Perhaps It sounds too easy and just disabling gravity would do the trick but no. This makes it worst.

By disabling gravity, the Pawn/Character doesn’t move as spectator (steady speed, instant stop) but it floats in any direction.
If it hits a wall, it start spinning chaoticly.

Any word of advise?

The result should be something like a Descent or Forsaken movement (


Ok, at the Pawn documentation it says (near the end)

“The movement for the SpectatorPawn class is handled in the SpectatorPawnMovementComponent; the no-gravity flying behavior is the same as in the DefaultPawnMovementComponent, with added code for handling or ignoring time dilation as necessary.”

Is there any way to get the code from SpectatorPawnMovementComponent and add it to my Pawns / Characters? Will this make my units move like a spectator?