Specs needed for a huge open world game

Hey guys, I have big dreams, I want to create a huge open world map, like the size of GTA V’s but I don’t have a hugh end PC:

CPU - i5 4570 3.2GHz
GPU - Gigabyte HD 7770

I get around 80-90fps in the editor when working with one building, to break up the load I think I’m going to make a district system so the use can choose which district to play in so I can create 4 smaller maps, but they are still going to be fairly large.

Will my PC hold up? I need to have AI, enter-able buildings, etc.
All advice will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

It Depends. Setting up robust LODs is going to be critical your performance. Creative optimizations will be necessary to make it run well for you. Baking light maps are likely the most challenging thing on your hardware, your memory is your weakest link when it comes to baking.

It is totally possible to get something like GTA V on your PC’s hardware, they did manage to get GTA V to run on a console with only 512mb of RAM for both graphics and data.

Really? That’s awesome, I am quite new to Unreal though, please explain to me what an LOD is and what baking light means

Please read the documentation instead. Pretty much everything is explained there.

Thank you for your help

It depends on your assets and your level design skills :wink:

-use low poly meshes
-LOD’s → so a mesh that reduces the amount of tris over the distance
-block the view of the player
-culling volumes
-not too complex materials

But when you just get 80-90 fps with one building in your level, it will get difficult to create an open world game, because it will start lagging -> but you can change the scalability settings to “low”

Thanks, you helped me with my other posts too, thanks so much for all of your help, I appreciate it very much :slight_smile:


More ram i work with lage landscapes RAM that you need 32GB.
The cpu and video card is good.
I work on my laptop some times with huge maps and my video card on my laptop is a 710M.

And put your setting on low.

Thank you for your advice! :slight_smile: