Specify Exact Playerstart......

Okay…I do not understand…How can you specify which player start you want a pawn to start at on a new level? If you have a Onactorbeginoverlap (triggerbox) ------------------> Open Level (with appropriate level name)… how do you specify to spawn at PlayerStart_XX instead of PlayerStart_YY?

I cannot figure this out…its as if there is no way in BP to specify this…any ideas? Notions? thoughts? BluePrints?

Could really use a good push in the right direction…

It seems this isn’t as simple as it should be while using blueprints, I have found a lot of people asking this question but no conclusive answer.


One idea I had was the PlayerStart actors in your level do have a “Player Start Tag” that can be set in the details panel for each of these and then accessed in BP using the method shown in the image above. If you keep an array of PlayerStart’s in your level BP, you could iterate through and choose one by name. It depends on your situation how you select the right location, but using this should allow you to choose.

Here are a few other ways I found that might help:!-(aka-Tom-s-a-Glutton-for-Punishment)&p=12895&viewfull=1#post12895

Sorry I can’t be of more help here, it seems simple to do in C++ but not in blueprints…

If you’re trying to spawn at the beginning of the game, it’s pretty easy. Set your spawning logic in a GameMode BP; just make a new blueprint for that.

In the GameMode, you can “catch” the player controller(s) with the event “Event Post Login”. At that point, you can do anything you want; assign teams, spawn where you want how you want, etc.

Recently I’ve looked through the source of GameMode for how player spawning works because I wanted to temporarily disable some. I found that there are no tags that you can set on a PlayerStart that makes the default game mode behavior give it priority, or ignore it. So you will need to override that default behavior and Jak’s suggestion sounds right to me.

As for how to get level transitioning to a specific player start, I would create a custom GameInstance blueprint and set that as default GameInstance class. The default GameInstance object is the one thing that is persistent across levels, so its perfect for storing the name of your target player start in. Then in your custom game mode at Event Post Login, find that player start by name using a Find All Actors by type BP and put your pawn there. **Edit: ** Oops DotCam suggested that already, but thats only positive! :slight_smile:

Some things I’m unsure of, but you can test that:

  • Does switching map trigger Event Post Login? May depend on whether you’re streaming or loading
  • Whether the default pawn class is created yet by the time of Event Post Login

Did you ever figure this out?? I’ve spent about 4 hours trying to figure this out tonight to no avail…

can you have a matinee running as the background while you go through a “event post login”?