Specifiers for Blueprints


I don’t know how it is in the C++ part of UE. But C++11 has specifiers for both methods and even classes.

the [FONT=Courier New]final specifier in conjunction with methods forbids the overriding of this function.

class B
    virtual void foo() final;
class D : B
    virtual void foo(); // error: declaration of 'foo' overrides a 'final' function

in conjunction with the class, the subclassing is not allowed:

class Final final { };
class Derived : public Final { }; // ERROR

I’d like to have something like this for Blueprints.
With this, I can package Blueprints with full functionality without that the user can break something (e.g. overriding a function and change it’s semantics)

Deleting the Blueprint class in the selection of “Parent Blueprint” and deleting the functions within “Override functions” would be enough I guess.