Specified referencing

I got a button actor and a torch actor that turns on and off.
I’m trying to make these turn on by a specific button placed in the world without the level blueprint, as i want to be able to level design quickly once i have the blueprints down -> place button, place torch, set code on both, done.

What i have now is that i’m able to make it work when there’s only one torch in the world.

So i basically need to either get reference to all actors and tell them all to do something if their INT number is the same as the button’s, or get the specific torch which has the specific INT value. Is either of these possible?

I’ll add screenshots of what i already have later if that helps.
Thanks in advance!

On your button blueprint add an actor variable, make it editable so that it shows up when you place it in the level. It will give you a colour picker so that you can choose what you want the actor to be. Pick the light you want it to work on. Then just plug that variable into your cast to node and it will work.

Ahhh, thanks alot mate! Exactly what i was looking for :smiley: