Specific skeletal mesh does not update a certain bone on dedicated server

Hello, I’ve got a skeletal mesh that uses the UE4 default skeleton. My animation graph includes a FABRIK node that manipulates the Hand_R bone.

I am packaging my game as a separate Client and Dedicated Server. When the animation runs on the client, the FABRIK node updates the client bone correctly, and it has the correct position and rotation. On the server however, the rotation of the bone is always in the state as the animation was initialized. All other bones update correctly and are identical between server and client.

The interesting part is, that if I use the default unreal engine mesh (white robot guy) the bone updates correctly.

The meshes have no post process animations, one lod, and I’ve even tried using the default UE physics asset on the bugged mesh, but nothing has helped so far.

I can provide the uassets that are needed to reproduce if necessary.