Specific question regarding modeling + UE4

Hi All,

I have a few questions regarding modeling a realistic house in cinema4d and exporting to UE4.

  1. Should i model the house as one peace or should I separate the rooms, then export each of them to UE4 and finally connect them?

  2. Should i create the lighting in cinema4d and export it to UE4 or should I create the lighting in UE4?

  3. Does any one have a recommendation for a site with free models/free textures etc.

  4. besides digital-tutors are there any other recommended sites for tutorial that cover the workflow of cinema4d + UE4 ?

Thank you in advance.

  1. it depends on what exactly you want to create -> a good way is to use a modular building workflow
  2. as far as I know you cant export/import the lightning from C4D -> so create the lightning in the UE4
  3. ://www.blendswap/ :///
  4. on youtube you can find some very good tutorials :slight_smile: