Specific player triggers

Hello! I am new to Unreal Engine, and I could use some help. I want to create a trigger that kills a specific player. I’ll put a link to a youtube video, as an example: Example - YouTube Any help is appreciated!

Could you please explain to me in more depth? Like, how did you obtain the I Kill Char or something like that. I just started creating games and it would be cool if you could record you screen while creating this blueprint. Please let me know if you can do that

You need some kind of differentiation between players. I’d probably add actor tags to the characters to avoid casting, and OnBeginOverlap check if the actor has a specific tag. And if you need to execute something inside the character blueprints, like a death animation, use Blueprint Interfaces to send interface messages to the characters.

There’s no need. I_Kill_Char is a Blueprint Interface that you create yourself. Here’s a nice tutorial: WTF Is? Blueprint Interface - YouTube

I understand that, but could you please tell me what is in that blueprint interface. In the I_Kill_Char BP

Your death animation. When you destroy the character and spawn that little cloud. The interface message itself is just a name, it contains nothing in it. It only starts the function in your character blueprint, and the function may be anything you want.

Thank you, but now I have a small problem: Problem - YouTube

Oh and when a player dies, I would like to display a widget

You probably destroy the character, and since the camera follows the character, it has nothing to follow anymore, so it jumps to the world origin.

Maybe you don’t have to literally destroy the actor. You can probably make it invisible, play some death animation, and then just place it in the respawn spot and make it visible again?

Or you can work out the camera settings.

Thank you for helping me! And sorry for wasting you time

Frankly, from a player’s perspective, you probably shouldn’t. In this genre, players will die a lot. And if you display a widget every time, instead of just respawning the character, it will be quite annoying. But it’s your game, so…