specific light of movable actor

Do you know if there is a way to build a lightmass for a movable actor :
My goal is to reproduce the effect done when you have different sub level in an persistant level ; then build lightmass of all the static component ; then hide some sub level and keep the direct shadow of those object even if they are hide.
I would to get this movable-static-object with shadow-kept in place. I would to do it with a BluePrint actor movable along a timeline, and keep the shadow calculated in original position. I don’t know if it’s clear…
Actually when i set an actor movable along a timeline, everything works pretty well if the static meshes are “movable”. But when i change them into “static” i’ve got this logically error message “DefaultsceneRoot has to be MOVABLE if you’d like to move”.
If there is a way to do this illogical process…Thanks

There’s a light as static option which will let you use lightmass, but will no longer have dynamic shadows. If you want dynamic shadows AND baked lighting:

duplicate your mesh

Mesh 1: Light as if Static

Enable Light as if Static

Disable cast static shadow

Mesh 2: shadow caster

Set it to Cast Hidden Shadow

Uncheck cast static shadow (shouldn’t though since it’s movable)

Check the option for Actor Hidden in Game

Uncheck Visible (Affects Editor only)

Thanks a lot ZacD for the quick answer. I’m not sure that my wish can be fulfilled.
I don’t want dynamic shadow, only baked light on the (static) mesh which is “movable”…
Time 1 : i build the lightmass of a static actor set on the ground.
Time 2 : with blueprint i activate the movement of this actor. And i want that the shadow of this actor stay on this ground (even if it’s unreal) + this actor keep his initial baked light/reflexion even if it’s 30feets above. Like if i “cut” this beautiful object, and then “paste” it somewhere else, but keeping his initial aspect (like congealed on “Time1”)

Actually i’ve this BP actor. I’ve a fonction which allows me to move this actor with my keyboard. And when i change the mobility setting of this stating mesh, from “movable” to “static” i’ve got this logical error message, and my fonction break. No movement anymore possible.

Capture d’écran 2017-08-15 à 23.32.32.png
Capture d’écran 2017-08-15 à 23.38.12.png

(n6_398 = Target N2)*

The “light as static” option by itself should do what you want. But you will also have to play with having multiple actors and hiding them if. Have one actor that’s static and is hidden once there’s movement, and a moveable actor that’s hidden until there’s movement. Once you get that working, play with the rendering settings like casting shadows on each actor until you get the the results you want.

Oh i understood. Clever trick ! Thanks. I’ve many static mesh, it just sound long and painful process but thanks. Otherwise i set everything in nice dynamic process. What do you think about VGXI ?