Specific GPU assignment

I have two different gpus in my machine, a 1080ti and a rtx2080. I would like UE to mainly utilize the 2080 so that I could capitalize on certain features (specifically in regards to raytracing/lumen), but UE seems to only use the 1080 for rendering. Is there any way to force UE to use a specific card?

You can choose ( or could ) the gpu in the config:

also maybe in the card settings itself:

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Thanks for the reply!

I feel like a proper idiot now. I’ve had a look at the specified article previously, but after a reread I realized I made a rookie mistake when I appended the r.GraphicsAdapter command to the consolevariable.ini file :expressionless: there should be no spaces between the command and the parameter (r.GraphicsAdapter=1 not r.GraphicsAdapter = 1) :man_facepalming:
Again thank you for the answer, I appreciate it.

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