Specific Flying Movement Prob.

Hi all,

I’ve been seeking(since months ago) for a solution to my specific custom movement problem in the forum and, yet, I didn’t find a thread that could help.

After switching my movement mode to “Flying”, I’ve made the default movementation(“Add movement Input”) and it’s working fine, except that I can’t sum the direction of the Z axis that my Actor is looking at when I move forward.
It is almost like the blueprint project Flying, but without Local Actor Rotation by turning in the default example.

Since I’m using the “Animation Starter Pack Character”, even after enabling simulate physics to my Mesh it seems that Linear Physics Velocity isn’t working(following the *Flying *project).


Flying Movement Logic_01.jpg

Flying Movement Logic_02.jpg

Basically it’s the default implementation with my movement switch to flying.

I tried adding the Get Actor Up Vector with the Get Actor Forward Vector in the MoveForward input, but ‘W’ only goes up, even facing the floor, and ‘S’ only goes down. I want to go in the direction my character is facing.

I am really stuck in this problem and need to solve it asap.

So, I found the solution :slight_smile:

The problem was the Get Actor Rotation, that seems not to add the Pitch to the Rotator.

Then, I made a new Rot from the Control Rotation to get the Pitch.