Species X

I’m looking to modify the species x parameters but I can’t find anything in the dev kit about it. There isn’t a Blueprint for it in PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Consumables/Seeds as the “DefensePlant” is just missing. Is it not in the dev kit yet or am I looking in the wrong place? Any help is greatly appreciated!


I appreciate the reply! I’m running version 232.4 of the dev kit and when I use the blueprint filter and type turretplant nothing shows up in the windows. When I type turret I get all the normal turret resources listed but no plant turret.

I probably should have been more clear that I know where to look for what I need, it does not show up where it is supposed to. Could you give me a little more than a screenshot of what it’s supposed to look like?

I have now removed my dev kit install that I did using github and steam, and am currently downloading the kit through the epic launcher to see if that has any effect.

Did you get your DevKit from steam and then manually update or from the Epic Launcher?


Original installation was manually through steam and then merging with the git repository. I’m now installing (90%) the Epic Launcher version.

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The Epic Launcher installation method of the devkit has resolved my issue.