Special effects translucent material?

There was a video I remember watching that was introducing some features of UE4, and there was at one point a row of what looked like panes of glass on stands, that you could see through to the other side but with a variety of interesting effects applied to the view. I believe one of the effects was to show a pre-processed version of the stuff behind the window, so that you could see the wireframe geometry or something like that. I’m wondering if anyone knows what I’m talking about and could point me in the direction of that video, or more information on producing that kind of effect in game, I would greatly appreciate it.

This is the video.

All those are available in Content Examples which can be downloaded from Marketplace.

ah thank you so much. I had the content examples but didn’t remember seeing them in there. I’ll check again!

I wonder if you know specifically where those are in the content examples? I’ve looked through all of them I think and didn’t see them.