Special Delivery - Oculus Touch / HTC Vive

Paperboy inspired VR game for Oculus Touch and HTC Vive

Gameplay Footage

Bike Controls:



Steam Store: http://store.steampowered.com/app/561230

Extra! Extra! Special Delivery just delivered a big update!

Release 2.0 is now available! We’ve been listening to your feedback and we’ve managed to squeeze in several of your suggestions into this release, our first major update.

GDC 2017 Sale!

To celebrate GDC 2017 and the launch of our official VirZOOM support, Special Delivery is currently 10% off! As an added bonus, get $75 off the purchase of a VirZOOM bike using promo code MEERKATVZ

If you’re one of the fortunate attendees at GDC this week, be sure to stop by the VirZOOM booth #2432 in the South Hall to demo Special Delivery and learn more about the VirZOOM bike.


VirZOOM Support

Since launch, we’ve been worked closely with the talented team at VirZOOM to be the first Unreal Engine game to support the VirZOOM bike. We’re thrilled with the new level of immersion there bike has added to the game.

Pedal your bike through the neighborhood as you lean left and right to avoid obstacles and traps. Use the built in handlebar controls with gaze based aiming to throw the papers or further immerse yourself by using one of the motion controllers to grab and throw the papers.

Gamepad Support

No motion controls? No problem! We’ve removed the requirement and added in full support for gamepad users. (VR headset is still required).

Lean to Steer

By popular request, we’ve added a new steering option to the game. Simply lean left or right to steer the bike around the neighborhood. This control option is standard for gamepad & VirZOOM users and optional when playing with motion controllers.

[h1]Tutorial Level[/h1]

In addition to the new interactive instruction booklet, we’ve also added a tutorial level. Take a ride down a quiet country road as you learn all the game controls.

Overtime Mini-Game

A new mini-game has been added called Overtime with the objective of delivering for both the Oldtown Observer (blue mailboxes) and the Daily Inquisitor (red mailboxes) . The first level is unlocked after the completion of Week #1 with remaining levels unlocked after completing weeks 2-4.

Performance Optimizations

In addition to all the new features, we’ve also made several optimization improvements. Players should see performance gains for both CPU and GPU (more-so on the CPU side).

What’s next?

Downtown Dash

Downtown Dash is currently in development and is expected to deliver in the next big update, Release 3.0. Players will take the seat of a bike courier as they pedal their way through the bustling downtown traffic to score as many deliveries as possible before time runs out.


It’s our goal to bring Special Delivery to as many players around the globe as we can. Once all of the in-game text for Downtown Dash has been finalized, we’ll be localizing all of the text to as many languages as we can.

Playstation VR

Special Delivery is coming soon to Playstation VR! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more information on this and other news.

Looking good! Reminds of when I used to play Paperboy on my gameboy. Keep up the good work!