Special Character not recognized in ANSI

Hello everybody !

For my current project I made a really simple system to read subtitle lines from a csv file. So I create the csv using excel, and then I read and parse it using :
FFileHelper::LoadANSITextFileToStrings I will note here that I do not use a simple “,” to cut because it would then be impossible for me to use it in a sentence (it’s a subtitle system after all) so I cut the file depending on the character “;”
All is working well except for one thing, it doesn’t recognize some character like “é” or “à” (am french) which are definetly part of the ansi format…
I tried changing the csv file encoding using notepad++, but nothing seems to be working (utf-8 etc, same issue).

Does anybody have encountered this problem before or have an idea on how to fix it ? The problem definetly doesnt come from the FString structure that accept these characters if fed directly inside the variable…