Special attacks??

My project has an FSM [finite state machine] setup for attack animations and idle animations etc. I’m trying to setup directional based special attacks for up, down and neutral. It’s been going pretty smooth until I started really polishing the special attacks.

Neutral - shoots a projectile
Neutral in air- shoots three projectiles downards at an angle
Up - player launches up in a drill form
Down - player transforms and runs in the direction they are facing

These are the attacks I’m trying to perform. I have them all working except I can’t figure out how to add in transition animations. (drill attacks animations go as followed “Idle or Walking” > “drilltransform”>“drillup”>“drillrevert”

and again with the down special where it should go “Idle or walking” > “transform”>running while transformed>“revert” Right now my current setup tries to play all three at the same time. The most I’ve been able to figure out is to get the transform state to play then launch the player but then I can’t get the revert state to play

here is a picture of my current FSM

Do you use anim montages and anim notifies?

I haven’t I’ll take a look at them