Spawnproblems Multiplayer Project (Spawn at 0,0,0)


I followed the Blueprint Multiplayer: v4.11 Tutorial Series on Youtube. I had mainly all going fine and started to add my stuff to it.

And it seems that I broke something on the way I did not realize early enough and now I cant really track back to where it went wrong - so I’m stuck.

This Problem happens on both my Lobby and when the Servertravel brought all Players to the final Map - I will just post my Lobby stuff because I’m sure it’s the same cause because its the same behaviour.

So what I do on Lobby PlayerController in terms of spawning:

In the Lobby GameMode I basically call the Respawn Function on Event OnPostLogin which looks like this:

This at the End calls the Function “Respawn Player” which looks like this:

So the Client should spawn in at a scale of 0.1 at a random location og one of my spawnpoints, right?

So I absolutely know I should connect the “Is Not Valid” note directly into the SpawnActor Node. But when I do that following happens:

And after a good amount of time (about 30 seconds) it looks like this:

So the Client gets destroyed, respawnt at a scale of 0.1 but still in 0.0.0
So I figured there must be something massively wrong with my spawning and the last 2 days I feel like I made it worse trying to fix it.

I would be super thankful for any input because I really want to understand where I went wrong there…

Have a great Sunday!

I managed to fix the spawning so far that the time spawn between the big and small sphere to minimize to a few seconds. Still, I dont understand why the big Sphere gets spawned in the first place. And it still spawns at 0,0,0 although the Transform says something different right before spawn (check through breakpoints)