Spawning Tire Tracks with the correct rotation

Hey everyone, I’m attempting to spawn some tire skid marks at a designated location behind my tires, but just can’t get the rotation to come out correctly. I’ve added some arrows behind my tires to use as a spawn location and I rotated the arrow to point down. So by my calulation my “yaw” is now controlled by Y axis. I line trace down in the negative direction of my y axis to hit the ground. It’s a custom event I run off of event tick. The event only spawns decals when the angular velocity is greater than 75 or lower than -75. This would mean the decals only spawn when the vehicle should be skidding. The decal duration, the fade, the switching between tires, the gap between decals at high speed all make sense and look decent in my opinion. The only thing I’m having trouble with is the rotation of the decal. The back tires don’t turn so mesh rotation should equal the tire rotation correct?. So my thinking was I could every tick check the mesh rotation, and then rinterp to the arrow rotation to match. Not seeing any positive results doing this. I was hoping maybe someone could chime in on my setup and take a look at the math-a-magic I have going on and lead me in the right direction. Training on the subject seems to be lacking so I’m turning to you guys for much needed help. Thanks in advance for taking a look. would love a video link to watch or a link to read if you got any suggestions that might help. Check out the BP images.