Spawning smoke

I have my flame looking the way I want it but I want to spawn smoke at the collision of a wall in my level. I have tried just placing the emitter at the end of the flames but that doesn’t work because some of the flames are cut shorter than others due to the collision mesh they run into. Is there a way to actually tell my blueprint not to spawn a certain emitter (smoke) until the flames collide with a wall?

Just an FYI…the collision is setup in the particle emitter not blueprint…not sure if that’s relevant but I thought I would add it.

Hey GameHatcher,

I have been working on a particle effect system that can be used as a projectile spell. One of the ways I began setting up my particle effects was by looking through this [documentation][1]. Basically, you’d need an Event Receiver Spawn, which is classified as an Event Generation for Particle System.

I also came across a great video that was very helpful in setting up a nice ice spell, which could easily be turned into a fire spell with smoke added towards the end. You can view it [here][2].

With the system that I’ve set up, the particle emits and when it collides with the ceiling above, smoke is released. I apologize for the low quality image, I threw something simple together:

Hopefully this information helps you achieve the goal you’re intending. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reply back.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:

Hello I have been sick and am just now getting back to working on my project. I have read the documentation and watched the video. I do have a question for you. How do you keep your smoke from spawning inside the particle emitter preview window? Even with the Event Generator/receiver Spawn set up the smoke particle still plays on its own.

Hey GameHatcher,

I hope you’re feeling better, since being sick recently. :slight_smile:

Since my smoke is set up to occur once the original particle collides, it doesn’t show up in the preview viewport. It only shows up when you’re looking at the actual project or if you’re simulating or playing the project. Once the blocks hit the ceiling that I placed above it, the smoke then appears.

Here is a screenshot of the Particle Emitter: Smoke details, for Collision:

I have the collision set up as ‘kill’ for the blocks that are leading upwards. Once they collide with the ceiling, they die off and then the smoke is emitted.

Hopefully this sheds a bit of light on the situation you’re encountering. Let me know if you need any more detailed information from what I’ve created for your visual example.


Thank you I will try this setup. My smoke also appears to go through my static mesh even with collision set the same as my flames.

, did you actually set up a blueprint the same way as the tutorial you referred me to… or is yours setup solely through the particle emitter to function the way it does?

Hey GameHatcher,

Mine is simply set up within the particle emitter. I just tested the smoke with a less thick ceiling and the only time the smoke goes through the ceiling is if it’s paper thin, literally. I also looked over another project I was working on when I went through the tutorial I provided you. Once my ice bullet hits a target, the huge explosion does have some smoke that’s sent through the walls.

I hope this helps!

What is the collision type you have set for your walls? That may be my issue. I am going to try and change mine to see if that helps.

Hey GameHatcher,

I have ‘BlockAll’ set up for my collision. You may want to create a custom set up for your collision to get the exact result that you want.

Thanks for taking the time with me . I am going to keep messing around with it until I get it to work! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! Let us know if you need anymore assistance. Keep in mind that the forums are a great place to go for help too. :smiley: